Melina Dipaolo -Owner - trainer

Melina is the owner of knockout NORTH END as well as sister studio, ride NORTH END.

Melina has had an affinity for all things fitness throughout her life and decided to open ride NORTH END, a cycling studio at 420 Hanover St. back in 2015.

In 2018 she decided to open knockout NORTH END, a boutique boxing gym at 89 Salem St.

Melina graduated from Emerson College and became an entrepreneur in 2015 when she opened ride. Melina holds numerous fitness instruction certifications ranging from SPIN to Kettlebells. Although Melina teaches more classes at ride then knockout, she frequently covers classes or hosts classes at the studio.

knockout BOXING Eric Pedone

ERic pedone - operations

Eric grew up in the North End and helps deal with the daily operations for both ride NORTH END and knockout NORTH END.

Eric has been a part of the team since day one and can assist customers with purchasing class packs and memberships. Eric is regularly the host of our knockout OPEN GYM hours.

knockout BOXING - Eric Goff

ERic Goff - Amatuer boxer - Trainer

Eric grew up in Weymouth, Ma and graduated from Weymouth High School.

Eric has been boxing for 4 years out of Bayshore Athletic Club where he trains with numerous professional and amatuer fighters, amoung them are world champions & olympians. As an amatuer boxer Eric has had international fights in Ireland & Canada, as well as numerous fight around the nation in places like Pennsylvania, Vermont & New York.

Eric is a great addition to the team and covers knockout 101, knockout BOXING as well as our knockout ADVANCED classes.


robert fautz - trainer

Robert Fautz is the newest addition to the knockout NORTH END team, Robert has boxed and been into fitness his entire life. He has worked out, trained and learned at boxing gyms across the country from New York City where he grew up to California and Florida.

In his day job, Robert is an investor, real estate developer, and philanthropist. He was the founder and chief executive of Fautz Associates, a Florida – based development firm focused on infusing art, community and value based housing in urban areas.

Fautz Associates and it’s assets were privately sold in 2015.

Robert will be training our afternoon classes and looks forward to helping us build out our knockout CAMP FOR KIDS and knockout FOR KIDS programs.

knockout BOXING Joe Goff

Joe Goff - trainer

Joe grew up in Weymouth and is a Weymouth High School graduate.

Joe now attends Quincy College and studies Exercise and Health Science with Wayne Westcott. Joe has been playing sports his whole life, to include boxing and MMA, out of Bayshore Athletic Club. Joe has shifted his focus towards strength and conditioning for athletes and enjoys training our fitness focused strength ENDURANCE classes but also covers knockout BOXING as well as knockout HIT.