"I'd be conceited if I said I could but I'd be lying if I said I couldn't." - Rocky Marciano

Knockout Boxing &
Fitness Studio

lock in our pre-sale rate - $130/ month

combined knockout boxing and ride north end membership. the best of both worlds - $260/month


Knockout is a boutique fitness studio
in the North End of Boston, specializing
in boxing classes and intense training in a
high energy environment.



45 minute group class combining intense heavy bag intervals with bodyweight and strength exercises. All classes are conducted in our dimly-lit studio with pumping music, so you can work hard, sweat and tune everything else out.

KO Bootcamp

45 minute bootcamp-style class, utilizing a combination calisthenics, kettle bells, bands, and other toys to create an intense and fresh full-body workout. 

KO Jump

 Jumprope intervals combined with strength exercises. some jumprope experience recommended!