"I'd be conceited if I said I could but I'd be lying if I said I couldn't." - Rocky Marciano

Featherweight, Guglielmo Papaleo - “Willie Pep”


KnOckout 101:

knockout 101 is a class with a heavy focus on the fundamentals of boxing. The goal of the class is to build a foundation around proper stance, form and technique of throwing punches as well as the guard and footwork of boxing. The class revolves heavily around boxing drills to improve skill while also creating a workout. This is for a low level boxer looking for a moderate to high intensity workout.


knockout hit (30 Minute):

knockout HIT is is our fitness focused class. Our trainers will review punches (1-4) and combo sets in the first five minutes of class, the class participants will be in front of the bag for the entire class. The instructor will work through combo sets alternating between bag work and strength exercises. This is a an all level class focused on fitness throw high intensity interval training.


knockout boxing:

knockout BOXING is our go to boxing class. The goal of the class is to develop strength and speed in your combos and provide a high intensity, full body workout. The class combines a few boxing drills with a lot of bag work. This is for a moderate level boxing looking for a high intensity workout.

Welterwieght, Leonardo Liotta - “Tony DeMarco”


knockout POWERPUNCH:

knockout POWERPUNCH is a combination class of strength and boxing. This class has a heavy focus on building the strength of your punch. The class uses resistance training and bag work to improve your power.


knockout TECHNIQUE:

knockout TECHNIQUE is for more advanced and experienced participants. These classes are small and will have you working on your skills as if you are a prize fighter.


knockout SPARRING:

knockout SPARRING allows the opportunity for sparring sessions. Come in and use the ring and put your skills to the test. The sparring sessions will be highly regulated to assure no one is hurt and everyone fights fair. These sessions are intended specifically for the opportunity to have FUN and get a feel for the ring.

Middleweight, Marvin Hagler - “Marvelous Marvin Hagler”


strength POWER:

strength POWER is strictly a strength class. The instructor provides a routine that utilizes weights, resistance bands, kettlebells, medicine balls, row machines and assault bikes to build strength. Don’t expect to put on gloves or even throw a punch. This class cycles through light, moderate, and heavy weeks of resistance but can be adapted to any level of fitness.


strength ENDURANCE:

strength ENDURANCE is strictly a strength class. This is high intensity circuit training using resistance exercise and routines to improve endurance of the athlete. This class is for any level athlete and is focused on fitness. Class participants can expect a full body workout and will not be hitting the bags.


1 on 1 Training:

1 on 1 TRAINING is the option to purchase individual sessions with any one of our trainers. This allows you to purchase a training session or package with trainers to work on you boxing technique or strength & conditioning in a highly focused environment. Our trainers a prepared to work with you to help you meet your specific goals by creating a structured routine that fits your needs specifically.

Heavyweight, Rocco Marchegiano - “Rocky Marciano”


knockout Camp for kids:

knockout CAMP FOR KIDS is a series of boxing classes for ages 8 to 18. The goal of the camp will be to help teach kids with no boxing experience going starting at the 101 level and bringing them up to advanced. Developing proper technique, strength and speed. These classes will be developed in cohorts and provide high intensity, full body workouts. The class combines a few boxing drills with bag work and includes some body weight exercises and of course, we emphasize FUN in a supportive, team focused environment.

We recommend students take this course before entering the knockout FOR KIDS program.


knockout FOR KIDS:

knockout FOR KIDS is a boxing class for ages 8 to 18. The goal of the class is to continue to develop strength and speed in their combinations. Providing a high intensity, full body workout. The class combines a few boxing drills with bag work and includes some body weight exercises and of course, we emphasize FUN in a supportive, team focused environment.


knockout OPEN GYM:

knockout OPEN GYM is an opportunity to come in and use the gym while there are no classes going on. This is open to our members and offered at a flat rate to non-members. We encourage you to come in and use our studio to work on drills and techniques you've learned in class or go to town on a bag!