"I'd be conceited if I said I could but I'd be lying if I said I couldn't." - Rocky Marciano

knockout - north end

knockout NORTH END is a boutique boxing & fitness facility at 89 Salem St in Boston’s, North End neighborhood. We pride ourselves on delivering boxing classes that provide excellent instruction on top of a group exercise workout . We focus our services on teaching our classes how to properly throw a punch and execute movements first and then build on that foundation.

At knockout NORTH END, we want to help you achieve health & fitness through the medium of boxing. Our passion for fitness and the sport of boxing will be evident & infectious when you experience our classes.

We hold tremendous pride in the heritage of our neighborhood and area’s boxing history, especially those boxers from the North End and Brockton. We have pictured fighters like Willie Pep, Tony Demarco, Marvin Hagler & Rocky Marciano, around our gym and website for that reason.